a poem.from who?

salam to all..

a poem?from who?guess i received it from some1 i knew..but as i promse to her i have to put it on my blog..its sincere from me to put.n her accepts it well coz it wrote by herself,so got to ask for her permission,the poem is telling that she likes some1.you wil understand more if you read it..so here the poem goes..

Tells my heart to stop beating
Tell my mind to stop thinking
Throw the stone in the ocean
And tell it to stop sinking
Tell the sky not to be so blue
Well,its like telling me not to be in love with you

Underneath the moon
Underneath the stars
Here's a little heart for you
Here's a hand to hold on to
You were my strength when i was weak
You lift me up when i couldn't reach

I'm thinking of you 
In my sleepless solitude tonight
If its wrong to be in love with you
Then my heart just won't let me be right

Where ever you go
What ever you do what ever it takes 
I will have my heart breaks
I will just be right here waiting for you
Because you are the one that i;ve been waiting for

so how?good?best?superb..u decide..ill go with superb.heee

n for u who dedicated the poem to me..tq so much..i really apreciate it..u always on my mind.dont argue anymore okeh..bring joy to  each other heart taw2!
n hope when she read this.she put a big smile on her happy face ;p

okeh thats all for now.toddles tc k



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