something shocking!

salam... uit2 hahah

today heard a bad news from a fren..thought it was a good news..but turns out bad..
bout me...and the other person.goshh terrible..
about l0ve..goshh wont fall it twice..enough once alreadyy..
tppppiii..xpaham bout some1 nie..wanna help but at the same time wanna bring me d0wn..
what the pr0blem der???
i know she must be mad at something but acting normal..thought i wouldnt no?haha tettt wrong..
and for the other person..thought she was good...dgr cerita mcm2 pasal dia..tataw betul ke x..
so beware!!

sometime..btter off alone..tenangggggg bak kata faisal..
so the conclusion is trust no 1...!!!
motto kita tuk rini ialash 'semakin didepan'
hahaha silly isn't..

hurmm..smpai sini je kot..
until next time..



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  1. ape kate letak cbox kat sini...
    shoutbox ke...

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